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Dr. Kurt E. Garber Jun1st 2020

Dr. Kurt E. Garber

Education: Dr. Kurt E. Garber DPT is the owner of Garber Physical therapy which was founded in 2011. He earned his Associate Degree in Physical Therapy from Illinois Central College in Peoria, Illinois in 1992. He earned his Bachelors Degrees in Physical Therapy from The University of Findlay in Findlay, Ohio in 2000. He earned

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Ryan Marx Jun1st 2020

Dr. Ryan Marx

Dr. Ryan Marx is a staff physical therapist of Garber Physical Therapy located in Greer. He earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy at University of Tennessee-Health Science Center. He is originally from Memphis, TN. Ryan has experience in in-patient rehab setting, physician owned setting, and private out-patient practice setting. Ryan has been practicing physical therapy

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